Ethnographic Writing Group (every last Friday of the Month)

Dear Colleagues,

We hereby invite you to our ethnographic writing group.
The goal is to work together for about one to one and a half hours on a concrete problem of ethnographic writing that comes from our group itself. So when you write ethnographic texts, you are encouraged to participate. It might be a question (“how do I deal with X?”), or a few pages of thick description tried out on others, or a passage in the text in which you are momentarily stuck. Together, we will then use the examples to talk about ethnographic writing, hopefully helping each presenting member solve their questions and problems. We envision this to be quite informal. That means no long papers (5 pages max), no presentations, but a casual conversation where we support and learn from each other.
Please register here:

Best regards and see you soon,
Eva, Julia, Micha, Felix