Workshop: Critical Ethnography, November 3–4, 2022, Marburg

Call for Contributions/Save the Date

Workshop: Critical Ethnography

November 3–4, 2022, Marburg

A central concern in political ethnography lies in the relationship between ethnographic research practice and modes of critical and normative politics. Notions of critique in political ethnography can relate to the decisions of what and whom we research, how we understand and represent our objects of research, and how we navigate questions of reflexivity and positionality in our research process. Furthermore, ethnographic research can have the potential – and ethnographic researchers often take on the task of political and ethical responsibility – to address forms of social injustice and inequalities and develop forms of ‘grounded critique’ that aim at contributing to changing these conditions toward greater equity and equality. We dedicate this workshop to the critical potential of political ethnography, and call for short abstracts and ideas for contributions that address and explore one of the following questions:

  • What kind of critique can ethnographic approaches promote, and what kind of critique (e.g., feminist and decolonial forms of critique, Marxist traditions, Critical Theory…) can inform ethnographic research?
  • What forms/modes can ethnographic critique take?
  • Which critical objectives are at odds with critical ethnography?
  • What is the relationship between scholarship and activism in critical ethnographic practice?
  • What are specific dilemmas of ethnographic critique?


Beyond these questions, we are curious to receive contributions on other dimensions of the topic. Please send us your ideas and, if possible, a short abstract (250 words) until August 21, 2022 to If your contribution is selected, we will ask for a short paper (around 5 pages) to be circulated by October 27.